Custom Facebook Fanpages

custom facebook fanpagesEveryone knows that first impressions are the only impressions that count. So what impression does your business’ Facebook page give? Perhaps you simply do what everyone else does and just send visitors directly to your wall?

We can help you maintain your brand as well as strengthen your Facebook presence with a custom Facebook landing page. A custom landing page is a perfect way to communicate your brand on Facebook as it allows you to place a mini website right into your Facebook page.

If Facebook was a nation, it would be the third most populous nation in the world behind China and India. Businesses are therefore quickly realising that a strong, optimised and branded Facebook page is a must-have social media presence. And if you think Facebook is only for young people, keep in mind the fastest-growing demographic is women ages 35-64.

With our custom Facebook fanpages you can:

  • Put your brand directly into your Facebook page.
  • Create high converting Fan Gates that capture 72% more fans than those without.
  • Program the page so that once users click the “Like” button a special screen is revealed just for fans. This is an ideal way to reward Facebook “likes” and expand your fan base.
  • Create vouchers that only people who like your page will be able to use.
  • Capture email addresses and leads.
  • Hold competitions, receive customer feedback and promote events like never before.
  • Reuse and repurpose the content from your website.
  • Set up and link Social Media accounts (e.g. incorporate your twitter feed directly into your facebook page).
  • Display photos, videos or other rich web content.
  • Add a share button to any fanpage.
  • And much, much more…

FanBoomFor further details of the features our custom Facebook fanpages can incorporate we recommend you check out our sister site

Again, as with our other services we offer a hands on or a fully managed service depending on your requirements.  Our Facebook fanpages are easily editable by those of average technical skill and a bit of time on their hands, however for those who need it our managed service may be more suitable.

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