Mobile Websites

mobile websitesMobile internet access is the way of the future and mobile websites provide one of the biggest opportunities for local businesses to stay ahead of their competitors and really elevate themselves above the crowd.

However, most business owners know that their websites are not as effective sales tool when viewed on a mobile phone.  Yet surprisingly, few do anything about it.

At the most basic level this could be costing you customers and it could be costing you money.  Do something about this today

The Rise of the Smartphone

In the final quarter of 2010 smartphone shipments overtook PC shipments for the first time, marking a trend towards a sea-change in the kinds of devices consumers are using for their everyday computing needs.

Smartphones are becoming cheaper and more functional and data plans from mobile service providers are becoming more expansive.

Smartphones generally only have one user and so tend to be intimately personalised and are, for many people, the single most important thing they take with them wherever they go.

The Mobile Internet Explosion

Cisco’s annual Visual Networking Index, a comprehensive view and forecast of the data trends shaping the Internet and the gold standard forecast for Internet analysis was released in May 2011. The report highlighted that mobile traffic in 2010 alone was triple the size of the entire Internet in 2000.

What is more startling, however, is the rate of growth. The report predicts that by 2015 there will be roughly one mobile device for every individual alive, sending mobile traffic through the roof. In fact, Cisco predicts that internet usage on mobile devices will grow by more than 26-fold between 2010 and 2015 making it bigger than desktop internet usage.

So what does this mean for your business.  Well one thing: if you haven’t thought about optimising your business and your brand for the mobile web then you sure better start thinking about it, and fast.

Click here to see what your current website looks on a mobile device with our mobile simulator

Mobile Websites for Local Businesses

LocalDirect understand that you may have taken considerable time and spent a significant amount of money on making your website as good as it can possibly be.  However, if your site takes a long time to load, or is not well suited for a small screen, then you could be putting off customers who are trying to access your site via a mobile device.

Fortunately the solution is simple – a mobile version of your website.

LocalDirect can provide you with a mobile optimised version of your website that will either be automatically served to customers trying to access your site from a mobile device, or (optionally) your customers will be given the option to view your mobile site. Just try accessing on your mobile phone to see what we mean.

Combined with a SMS marketing campaign or with the power of QR codes, mobile websites present huge opportunities for smart business owners to serve the needs of their existing mobile customers and to win new customers. We can give you plenty of advice on how to get the very best return on your investment and fully harness the potential of integrated mobile marketing.

Furthermore, although costs vary depending on customer requirements, our mobile websites are amongst the most affordable on the market.  Unless you want us to host the website for you this is a one off fee with no additional monthly charges and we will either install the site for you or we can provide full instructions so that you can do it yourself.  Also, our turnaround times mean that you could be up and running with your mobile website in just a few days.

Fill out our mobile website information request form today and we will be in touch shortly.