SMS Pricing

Our SMS marketing prices are amongst the most affordable in the industry and offer exceptional value for money when measured against the return you should receive. There are 3 elements to our SMS marketing prices:

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  • An initial setup fee
  • A keyword subscription charge based on a 3, 6 or 12 month rolling period to cover the rental of your chosen keyword on our shortcode number
  • A charge based on the number of texts you send (NB: any unused texts roll over to the following month)


Shortcode Keywords

3 Month
6 Month
12 Month
£50 £99 £179 £329

Text Message Bundles

100 texts 200 texts 500 texts
£6.00 £11.50 £27.50
1000 texts 2000 texts 5000 texts
£52.50 £100.00 £240.00

To add a shortcode keyword or a text message bundle to your account please login to the LocalDirect dashboard, check the keyword availability and then click the purchase link to be taken to our purchase page. If you haven’t signed up for your free account yet, then you can do so here. It will only take a couple of minutes and you’ll be given full access to our dashboard.


Mobile Website Pricing

Our mobile websites are competitively priced and can really enhance your SMS campaign. Our mobile websites also come with a free QR code which can be integrated with your existing offline marketing and they also come with a free keyword on a longcode number (similar to a normal mobile number) and full access to our SMS platform.

localdirect mobile website
Prices start at £299 for a five page mobile website.
Additional pages cost £25 each.

To order a mobile website, please fill in the mobile website information request form and we will get back in touch shortly.


Please note, prices quoted above exclude VAT

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