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Social Media ManagementSince Facebook came along and revolutionised the way we keep in touch with our personal contacts, it has also opened the door to a whole new way of doing business.  More and more businesses are recognising that social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, can be so much more than simply a means of chatting with friends.

Social Media is now a valuable tool within any business and can assist you in:

  • Building up your company’s profile and market presence
  • Making new customer contacts
  • Generating business leads
  • Advertising new products and services
  • Directing traffic to your website
  • Linking in with Search Engine Optimisation and improving your company’s ranking on Google
  • Creating a brand for your business which will reach a huge number of potential new customers

Then of course, there is also blogging.  Some businesses feel that advertising in the local press is somewhat outdated, or perhaps simply not cost-effective.  Blogging could be the answer for your business, allowing you to write up-to-the-minute editorials and business articles all aimed at promoting your business and improving your reputation in the marketplace.

The best thing about Social Media is that it is instant and constant.  Your company, your products and services, your special offers, your contact details, everything is readily available to your customers 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods.

However, in order to maximise the benefits of Social Media, it must be kept up to date constantly.  This leads to the big question facing many SMEs – “It all sounds great, but how will I find the time to do it?”  Well, that’s where LocalDirect comes in.  We can provide you with a complete Social Media Management service, to provide your business with all of the benefits listed above but leaving you free to run your business and do what you do best.

Social Media Management from LocalDirect

Our service typically involves an initial consultation with you to determine where you currently are with regards to promoting your business via social media and to ascertain exactly what you would like to achieve.  Perhaps you would simply like to reward your existing customers when they become a fan of your business.  Or perhaps you would like to get more customers by getting existing fans of your business to invite their friends.  Perhaps you would like to encourage customers to visit your facebook page on a regular basis by running photo tagging campaigns.  Whatever your requirements, our service will be tailored to your business, your prospective audience and to your budget.  This makes us a little different from other companies who just offer strict packages and also means that we can be flexible in our approach and be more responsive to your exact business needs.

No two businesses are the same just as no two social media campaigns are alike, however our service may typically include the following elements:

  • Complete set up of customised and branded Facebook/Twitter/Blog if your business does not currently use these services (More information about our Custom Facebook Fanpages)
  • Creation of a Social Media Management Strategy, to ensure that the information released onto Social Media helps to achieve your business objectives
  • Facebook updates (4-5 per week)
  • Twitter updates (4-5 per week)
  • Blog posts (2 per month) – Note: These blog posts can also be syndicated to 100s of sites across the internet with a link pointing back to your website or facebook page.

This service would also tie in with our Social Branding service, a complete branding service to ensure that your business really wows your customers and fits with your overall company image.  Whilst, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging form the core of our services, we can also enhance your social media presence across a number of other platforms including LinkedIn, Google+ and Flickr.

Contact Us today for a free consultation on how LocalDirect can put your business on the Social Media map.

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