Social Media Marketing Services

social media marketing servicesOver the last couple of years social media marketing services have been the biggest growth area in marketing and it is clear to see why.  Social media is now an integral part of everyday life for most people. Indeed, the world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. This equates to 22% of all time online. Facebook, the largest social network, now has more members than the entire population of Europe – and counting…

The impact of social networks and the opportunities they provide businesses is varied and significant, but one of the main benefits is that it can help drive participation and collaboration between you and your customers. This type of interaction builds communities, and it is communities that help to keep your customers engaged with your brand creating a local buzz around your products and your services.

Social Media Marketing Services from LocalDirect

Social media marketing involves the engagement of existing and prospective customers in an ongoing dialogue to enhance your social presence online and to build “social proof”. Consumers these days are always on the look out for personal recommendations – from friends, from family and even from strangers – and seeking this kind of endorsement for your products of services cannot be ignored. Social proof is one of the most valuable attributes your business can acquire, conferring the following tangible benefits:

  • Enhanced brand awareness and equity for your business
  • Lead generation opportunities – virally & organically reaches your target market through local social connections
  • Improved customer service and feedback – creates an ongoing dialogue with your customers
  • Increased customer loyalty – customers you keep in touch with spend on average 67% more
  • Widens the SEO footprint and web presence of your business

Self-publishing giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube provide businesses of all sizes (and budgets) with a platform for mass-exposure… but it’s an extremely competitive environment, with thousands of businesses vying for the attention of customers. So how do you make your business stand out from the crowd? How do you encourage people to spread your message. How do you make the most of social media?

LocalDirect’s social media marketing services can create a social media solution that can expand the reach and influence of your online presence and engage your customers – enabling them to easily keep up-to-date with your latest events, collect special offers, and, crucially, share your content. We can help you to establish or enhance your business’ social media presence through our social branding services or through the creation of a custom facebook fanpage. And we can also help you to create a social marketing strategy to attract new and engage existing customers using the viral power of social media, plus with our social media management services we can guide you every step of the way.

So, simply fill in our contact form, tell us a little bit about your social media marketing needs, and one of our marketing consultants will be in touch to discuss a solution for your business.